The Colonie Soccer Booster Club exists for the purpose of broadening the involvement of students, student families, and the South Colonie Public School District, through support for Colonie High School Boys Soccer. We work closely with the Athletic Director, Coaches, and Principals and encourage parents and fans to proactively engage in efforts to build our soccer program. Our student athletes are special in many ways and we believe they deserve the very best that high school athletics can offer.

Executive Board

President - Kelly Mateja - kellymateja@gmail.com

Vice President 1 - Dannielle McClean - danniellemcclean@yahoo.com

Vice President 2 - Dave Fruiterman - dfruiterman@gmail.com

Treasurer - Rob Mateja - Rob.Mateja@gmail.com

Corresponding Secretary - Graham Knowles - grahamcknowles@gmail.com

Recording Secretary - Lauren Trembley - laurentrembley@gmail.com

Concessionaire - Angel Davis - amdavis331@aol.com