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The Flocking Fundraiser

Flock your friends!

Surprise someone with a yard full of bright, pink flamingos. For $11, we can have a flock of flamingos migrate to just about any residence (Monday—Thursday). Since our flamingos like to rest on the weekend, we offer Premium Weekend Flocking for $21. After you order, someone on our “flocking” team will deliver a group of flamingos to an unsuspecting yard where they have been directed to roost. Imagine the look on someone’s face when they discover a flock of flamingos taking sanctuary in their front yard. The flocking recipient will be left with an explanation, care instructions, and the number to the flamingo rescue hotline. All birds will be removed within 48 - 72 hours.

Click here to download a hard copy of the order form to avoid online fees.

Flocking Season begins in early September, and ends in late October.

 Flocking Fundamentals

To make this fundraiser successful, please consider these guidelines before placing a Flocking order:

· Flocking should be done in good spirit and never meant to be malicious

· “Victims” should be good natured and have a sense of humor

· Flocking can only take place at residential front yards (no apartments, condos, businesses)

· Flamingos will not migrate outside of South Colonie


Flamingo Insurance

· If you would like to ensure that you will not be flocked, you may purchase flocking insurance for $21. This insurance policy will ensure that you will NOT get flocked during the entire flocking season (good for one year).

For more information, email Kelly Mateja at KellyMateja@gmail.com.


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